Crammed Discs

The East of Culture- Different Sounds Art’n’Music Festival, which this year takes place as part of the celebrations of 700th anniversary of Lublin, always makes an effort to showcase extraordinary record labels.  This year, we are featuring the legendary Belgian label Crammed Discs.

The label has been in operation for over 35 years and has become recognised worldwide as one of the most excellent, boundary-breaking labels. Even though it is based in Brussels, Crammed discs does not focus only on Belgian or European music. On the contrary, it puts out a wide range of music, beginning with world music through rock, jazz, new wave, post-punk and contemporary electronic music. The label features musicians from all over the world and its rich roster, comprising over 350 titles, includes bands from Asia, Africa, the Americas or various parts of Europe.

In the international music market, Crammed Discs is recognized as one of the most boundary-breaking, adventurous and involved music labels.  Over time, it developed its own thematic sub-labels focusing, among others, on new Brazilian music or niche electronic music.

As part of Crammed Discs’s presentation, at exclusive concerts in Poland we will have an opportunity to hear five artists signed with the label. American new wave is going to be represented by the cult Tuxedomoon. We will travel to Africa together with the sensational Kasai Allstars feat.Basokin, while the Dutch Skip&Die will offer a dance set featuring very dynamic, lively music. A real treat for the fans of the label will undoubtedly be the concert given by the band fronted by the director and founder of the label Marc Hollander- Aksak Maboul, the legends of Belgian counterculture of the 1980s.  The band will perform together with Veronique Vincent and feature a guest appearance by Aquaserge. The young French band will also perform their own sets as Aquaserge’s gig will complete the showcase of Crammed Discs.