Let’s combine French song, psychedelic rock, funk, noise with excursions towards progressive music and the result is going to be one of a kind. Originating in Toulouse, the French combine eclecticism and originality that ideally complement the rich overview showcase of Crammed Discs. Aquaserge is one of the most original bands based on the banks of the Seine and as a result, eludes simple classifications. On the one hand, their tunes are as easy on the ears as pop rock but then surprise us with non-banal arrangements, change of tempos or dirty sounds, a great example of which can be found in the band’s collaboration with the legends of Japanese underground, Acid Mothers Temple. Additionally, during the festival two musicians will guest perform along with Aksak Maboul, which will undoubtedly enrich the sound and the overall uniqueness of the concert performed by Marc Hollander’s band.