Sunday, 9 July | 18:45-20:15

Pigeon Break  is a solo project of Michał Paduch – composer, inactive pianist, bird enthusiast and spaghetti master. Its style has been called “post-traumatic electro freestyle”  and the artist himself claims that he creates angry songs for angry people. He hates blues, liver and lack of respect for the coma.

For East of Culture –Different Sounds that this year is part of the celebrations of the 700th anniversary of granting city rights to Lublin we have produced a special musical project KATOLUB Orchestra that gathers together musicians from two unique, very music-oriented cities: Lublin and Katowice.

Lublin is celebrating its 700th birthday, whereas barely two years ago, Katowice celebrated its 150th anniversary.  It is also then that Katowice joined UNESCO’s prestigious network of Creative Cities as the City of Music. Two Jubilees of this significance have created a need for a joint project. For the collaboration, we invited musicians who represent different genres. Lublin is represented by the folk band Čači Vorba,  whereas Katowice brings in the combined forces of the avantgarde bands Lód 9, Hengelo and Pigeon Break. This meeting and musical dialogue have resulted in new material that will debut at the end of the festival on 9 July at the Lublin Castle’s courtyard.