16.11.2019 Czereśnie – concert | Little Different Sounds

Imagine songs talking about the most important matters: protecting the environment, taking care of one’s health, love for family, respecting diversity. They are addressed to children but avoid infantilization. Imagine a band for children that is different than all others – Czereśnie!

When: 16 November 2019, 16.00
Where: Workshops of Culture in Lublin, Grodzka 5a – auditorium
Registration: Free admission. The concert is for children aged 2-10 with guardians. The number of places is limited. Register via online form.

Andrzej Zagajewki, the winner of Paszporty Polityki award and the band Hańba! have created music aiming not just at good fun but also at stimulating the development of people, but most of all children – their sensitivity, creativity and skill. Czereśnie’s performance is an opportunity to get acquainted with a whole range of instruments and their sounds: the percussion, banjo, mandolin, bass guitar and even the tuba or clarinet. The young attendee has a chance to take part in a real concert performed by professional musicians who have appeared at stages in the USA, Europe, China and Australia. There’s a lot of fun in that – kids are drawn not only to dance, stomping or clapping but also joint playing music on small instruments.

The concert is part of Little Different Sounds, directed at the youngest attendees and every year accompanies the adult festival East of Culture – Different Sounds.

Listen to Czereśnie.


Czereśnie live: