Mikołaj Trzaska & Orkiestra Klezmerska Teatru Sejneńskiego


 Mikołaj Trzaska is probably one of the most overworked performers in Poland, and certainly one of the most talented ones. Deriving from the yass music scene of the Tricity, he co-created such bands as Miłość and Łoskot.He is an improviser, composer, saxophone player and clarinettist. He has been cooperating with the director Wojciech Smarzowski for many years. He composed soundtracks for such movies as “Dark house”, “Rose”, “Traffic Department”, “The Mighty Angel” and for the Televised Theatre’s play “Kuracja”. The most recent collaboration with Smarzowski is the soundtrack for “Hatred” and it is this music that will play on the last evening of Different Sounds. For this project, Trzaska invited the one and only  Orkiestra Klezmerska Teatru Sejneńskiego (Sejny Theatre Klezmer Orchestra). In their interpretation, “Hatred” is moving, disturbing, reflective  and charged with authentic music of the borderlands, filtered through Trzaska’s personal sensitivity