Music IN – music industry workshops at East of Culture – Different Sounds 2017

At this year’s edition of East of Culture – Different Sounds we are starting a special training series “Music IN” for the music sector. It is a kind of an incubator for artists, managers, promoters, music event producers and music animators. First, we will focus on musicians and their managers. Accordingly, we have prepared a series of inspiring workshop that will give them tools for conscious career building in the music business.

IMG_4563-fot_Marcin_ButrynThe workshops are in Polish language only.

Dynamic changes in international music markets force artists to be authors but also owners of artistic start-ups. That is why we will touch upon such topics as designing custom development strategies, creating a vision and managing music projects over time. We will show the significance of storytelling and describe one’s own work. We will also show how to present an effective presentation and cultivate good relations in the sector. Everyone interested is also welcome to join a lecture introducing the secrets and structure of the music sector and a practical workshop on writing effective e-mails to various entities involved with music.

The workshops will be conducted by practitioners – Magdalena Jensen and Magda Chołyst of Chimes Agency and Radek Chudzio from the Polish branch of Fource Entertainment.

Each workshop is a separate event but we would like to encourage you to take part in the whole series of workshops, designed to deliver comprehensive knowledge required for the skilful navigation around the music sector.



Band into a business. Contemporary start-up thinking in music career development

 5 July 2017 – Wednesday, 11:00-13:00, Workshops of Culture in Lublin, Grodzka 5a

Global economic, social and cultural changes provoke a strong need for entrepreneurship in the music sector, including the local one. Times, when the patiently waits to be discovered and supported by record labels are irrevocably gone. How to find oneself in this new and unavoidable trend of business-oriented thinking in music? The workshop is an inspiring introduction to “The Handbook of Start-up Artist”. 

Start-up thinking means what for artists? Introduction to global changes in the music sector.

What is a good development strategy and what should it contain? Why is career vision the first and most important step in building it? (tools for building  your future). How to design aims? Basic tools of strategic thinking.

Instructors: Chimes Agency – Magda Jensen, Magda Cholyst 

Master your plan! Effective music project management over time

 5 July 2017 – Wednesday 14:00-16:00, Workshops of Culture in Lublin, Grodzka 5a

Working in the music sector usually means conducting several music projects at once or combining several very different tasks- those resulting from a creative process and the very tight festival and concert schedule. The ability to prioritize, juggling tasks, fast decision-making process and effectively managing oneself and the team significantly contribute to being successful in the music business.

How do experiences managers plan and manage their projects? How does our perception of time influence the effectiveness of project management? How to effectively manage your time? Techniques and tools. How to juggle tasks and not lose one\s head? Model: “Getting Things Done”.

Instructors: Chimes Agency - Magda Jensen, Magda Chołyst

Storytelling.  How to talk about yourself to develop your music career?

6 July – Thursday, 11;00-13:00, Workshops of Culture in Lublin, Grodzka 5a

The largest international brands have a new official position – CSO, Chief Storytelling Office and it is a sure sign that something is up. Building an interesting and engaging story about oneself and the product is an important element of music sector as well. But not every story is catchy. Why? The workshop will resolve all doubts and show how to build stories in order to be remembered.

What is storytelling? Where to start building an artist’s story? Tools and exercises. How does language contribute to building audience engagement? Storytelling as a point of departure for building promotional strategy? How to create a good bio and press kit?

Instructors: Chimes Agency - Magda Jensen, Magda Chołyst

Pitching & Networking.  The art of effective presentations and building good relations in the music industry.

/ 6 July – Thursday, 14:00-16:00, Workshops of Culture in Lublin, Grodzka 5a

Pitching project is one of the key abilities needed for building your presence in the music sector, and lightness and cleverness in building relations are ways to keep it up. A short, often1-minute long presentation of yourself or your project should be  a key in your pocket: always ready to be taken out and used to open the right door. A good and clever pitch requires many hours of work and even more exercises. The workshop will support the participants at every stage. What does pitching mean for an artist? How to write a brief, witty and effective pitch?When to pitch your project? Pitching Savoir Vivre. What else speaks for us?body language? How to control stress when the time is running short?

Instructors: Chimes Agency - Magda Jensen, Magda Chołyst

The ABC of the music industry

7  July – Friday, 14:00 – 17:00,  Workshops of Culture in Lublin, Grodzka 5a

How to begin organising a concert tour? How to promote your music? Who is a booker? What are the responsibilities of A&R? What is the role of the promoter? You will find the answer to this and other questions at the lecture discussing the music sector and how it works.  You will learn what path the music goes through from the moment it is conceived by the author, through recordings, promotions, concerts and export abroad. You will learn what to look out for and where to look for opportunities. You will obtain useful information sure to deepen your knowledge about the music sector!

Instructor: Radek Chudzio

Practical Workshops, or how to write e-mails that aren’t spam

 8 July 11:00-14:00, Workshops of Culture in Lublin, Grodzka 5a

Do you want your emails to stop being marked as spam?  Have you ever had your e-mail go without a response? Do you know what irritates e-mail addresses most? Join us for a practical workshop on writing e-mails to various entities, such as clubs, culture centres, festivals as well as on writing bios or press releases. The meeting will be divided into two parts. The first part is individual work, every participant will be given a task to complete. The second part will focus on checking all the tasks and discussing them. The workshop will be an opportunity to gain knowledge about simple but tricky issues that make it easier to establish contacts and get better feedback. In our sector, like everywhere else, the elementary knowledge that is the foundation of our work, is often unobvious to beginners to the music industry. The meeting will also focus on various “life hacks” that will make your work more effective and satisfying.

Instructor:  Radek Chudzio


Magda Chołyst - art coach. She runs coaching for artists, managers and culture and arts sector staff. She runs individual sessions, workshops and lecture at art academies. A graduate of Ericson College of Vancouver, Adam Mickiewicz University, a fellow of Sorbonne. For 10 years, she has been working in culture, art and creative industries. She worked with the Polish Institute in Paris, Ad Arte Foundation, Pracownia duży Pokóej, Wajda School and Studio, LABLife, Watou Art Festival (Belgium), conference nieWidzialny Design (inVisibile Design) or ScriptFiesta Festival. A teacher at Collegium Civitas and the Warsaw School of Photography. In Chimes, she is responsible for coaching, designing workshops, developing agency services and new tools for the music industry.

Magdalena Jensen -  an experienced music manager, organiser or many cultural and artistic events and festivals. A consultant for Polish bands at showcase festivals. A promoter of the music industry abroad. A graduate of International Relations and Political Studies at the University of Vermont. She worked with: BRODKA, Paula and Karol, Rebeka, Eric Shies Them in His Pockets. She currently manages Ifi Ude and Soniamika. She coordinates the European Music Fair “Co jest grane” (organizes conferences, builds networks of contacts with international delegates, promotes the event abroad).  She cooperated with OFF Festival (as producer of video sessions with 12 music bands for the radio station KEXP from Seattle) or the conference Media and Literary. CEO of Chimes Agency.

Radek Chudzio –  promoter, manager, booker. He started his career by working with alternative artists (Kari, Karolina Cicha, Plastic). Then he was a Booking Manager at the Warsaw Progresja – the biggest concert club in Poland. He was responsible for organising concerts of such artists as Moderat, Kiasmos, Mastodon, Three Days Grace and many other artists. He currently leads the Polish branch of Fource Entertainment – concert promoter operating in Canada and the Czech Republic and recently also in Poland. Moreover, he manages Oliver Heim who made sensational appearances in many media, such as The Independent, The Times, The Guardian, Mojo. Uncut, BBc Radio 1 and others. Oliver gave many concerts in Europe, including at the most important showcase festivals, such as The Great Escape, Reeperbahn, Primavera Sound, Europavox and in Poland at Opener, among other things. He also went on tours with such bands as Wild Nothing, Mutual Benefit, Frankie Cosmos or Julia Jacklin. Radek is also one the founding members of Music Managers Forum Poland – a part of IMMF – the biggest organisation gathering music managers in the world. A member of Polish trade missions at such conferences as Reeperbahn or Tallinn Music Week, Delegat and a panellist at Eurosonic, The Great Escape, Moscow Music Week, Break Out West, Ment Lubljana, among others.

The workshop is for Polish participants. If you are interested in applying, please go here: Online form (In Polish)