Workshops at East of Culture – Different Sounds 2017

East of Culture – Different sounds 2017 is coming soon. We have many interesting workshops and activities ready for both younger and older audiences. Make sure to register! 



Photographing the Spirit of Music

Join us for a unique workshop on noble photography techniques and an adventure with photography from a time before mobile phones and fast shooting digital compact cameras appeared. For two festival days, you can turn into an early 20th-century photographer who uses a large-format camera, carefully chooses the frame, has no option to take series of photos and has only a limited number of collodion-covered glass plates at hand. The participants will have a unique opportunity to photograph both artists and the atmosphere of East of Culture – Different sounds 2017 using old-type cameras. At the end, the created works will be displayed inside Festival club.

Instructor: Roman Kravchenko

Preparatory Workshop, 24 June 2017 / 10:00-14:00 / Photography Studio in the Hartwig Alley
7-8 July 2017 / 12:00-18:00 / Festival Club, Lublin Castle Błonia


The workshop requires advance registration. To register, please call T: 81 533 08 18 (Monday-Friday 10:00-16:00). The number of places is limited. The workshop is free.

How to open the ears? Introduction to field recording

Instructor: Marcin (emiter) Dymiter/ for ages 16+
Sound – a readable medium that is accessible, and yet marginalised in the context of visual culture. Frequently, the main task of sound is associated with entertainment or music. In the meantime, sound as a phenomenon has more value – informative, cognitive or social and most of all it is the contemporary language of art.  Some interesting examples of sonic art are field recordings focused on sounds of the researched area. I want to explain the idea of field recording.

The workshop consists of practical and theoretical part and includes a brief historical outline of the phenomenon, its main principles and production of the recordings, work methods and recording techniques.

The study of the sonic environment can be the beginning of understanding one’s own identity and the character of a given place.

REGISTRATION: To register, please e-mail: The number of places is limited.

When:: 8 July 2017 –  11:00-15:00 – Workshops of Culture in Lublin, Grodzka 5a, 2nd floor

Orient Station – Calligraffiti workshop

We would like to invite all calligraphy enthusiasts to absolutely unique workshops of Calligraffiti, an art that combines calligraphy and street art. The workshops will take place during this year’s East of Culture – Different Sounds. They will be run by Taras Makar, a calligrapher from Kiev

This workshop is intended for people who are taking their first steps in calligraphy but have already acquired some basic skills. During the two-day workshop, the participants will try their hand at different techniques of writing letters and create their own compositions. On the second day, they will work on creating a large-format work that translates the fables of Biernat of Lublin into a visual language. The increasingly popular art of calligraffiti allows us to experiment, interpret and play with letters and this is what the participants will experience.

The workshop is in English.

The workshop requires registration. We are accepting applications until 30 June 2017. They should be e-mailed to Please state your full name, phone number, e-mail address and include a brief description of your calligraphy experience (feel free to attach a portfolio). The number of places is limited. Applications are processed in the order they are received.

When: 6 and 7 July 2017, 11:00-17:00  Workshops of Culture – Grodzka 7 patio

Little Different Sounds  - a series of workshops for children

Little Different Sounds is an original educational programme aimed at getting children and teenagers acquainted with sound, and various music genres and at showing that music is a rich cognitive field offering a place for having great fun. All workshops are practical and are geared towards strengthening the creativity of the participants. The programme has been created with a view to developing active stances, creative thinking, enabling a meeting with creators of music. The superior value is dialogue and opening to the real needs of the participants. The workshops allow discovering one’s creative potential in an atmosphere of great fun. As part of “Little Different Sounds” we are having, among others, a series of music workshops called “Let’s play!”

Check out the programme

Registration: The workshops are free and the number of places is limited. To register, please call T: 882 188 858  (Monday-Friday, 10:00-17:00) or send an e-mail to:  j.wawiorka-kamieniecka@warsztatykultury.plThe workshop is free and the number of places is limited.

MUSIC IN – music industry workshops

Dynamic changes in international music markets force artists to be authors but also owners of artistic start-ups. That is why we will touch upon such topics as designing custom development strategies, creating a vision and managing music projects over time. We will show the significance of storytelling and describe one’s own work. We will also show how to present an effective presentation and cultivate good relations in the sector. Everyone interested is also welcome to join a lecture introducing the secrets and structure of the music sector and a practical workshop on writing effective e-mails to various entities involved with music.The workshops will be conducted by practitioners – Magdalena Jensen and Magda Chołyst of Chimes Agency and Radek Chudzio from the Polish branch of Fource Entertainment. Each workshop is a separate event but we would like to encourage you to take part in the whole series of workshops, designed to deliver comprehensive knowledge required for the skilful navigation around the music sector.

Polish-only. Requires advance registration.