A panel discussion with Piotr Pawłowski feat. his book “Dzienniki Basowe”

4 September 2020 | 17.00–18.00 | Festival Tent

Piotr Pawłowski - bassist, composer and author of lyris for such bands as Made in Poland and The Shipyard, he’s also a co-creator of the concept album „Janerka na bassy i głosy”, released by Antena Krzyku. His „Dzienniki Basowe”, published in 2020 by Zima Records, is a fascinating journey into the past, written from the perspective of an active participant of such memorable events as the legendary festivals in Jarocin, the political transformation or the first years of wild capitalism. The book is definitely not only for fans of alternative music, but for all those who want to go on this crazy, but also humorous journey.