A discussion feat. the label Antena Krzyku (POL)

3 September 2020 | 18.00 – 19.00 | Festival Tent
Polish Sign Language interpretation provided

An important part of this year’s pandemic iteration of the festival East of Culture – Different Sounds is the presentation of Antena Krzyku – a record label established in 1984 by Arek Marczyński, that focuses on broadly defined independent music. Over the course of the last 35 years, Antena has become an icon, gaining recognition and popularity in Poland and many countries around the world. Aside from releasing albums by several important Polish alternative music artists, Antena’s catalogue is also full of household names from Europe and North America, emphasising international collaborations. Antena Krzyku predominantly focuses on punk, post-punk, avant-garde, post-rock, electronic music, noise, and sometimes jazz. In their long and rich history, the label also published their own magazine, organised concert tours and regularly started new music and cultural events. As part of the presentation of this exceptional label, we will be holding a meeting with its founders and associated artists, and present an exhibition featuring posters and album covers, as well as performances by a wide range of artists signed with the label.