A panel discussion with Wojciech Kozielski feat. his book “Weltschmerz Hardcore”.

 10.07 | 15.00–16.00  | Moderator: Jędrzej Słodkowski | Workshops of Culture, Grodzka 7 – patio 

Wojciech Kozielski, a journalist, publisher, bartender, and a real Renaissance man who has spent years active in the Polish underground and independent culture, has just published an intriguing first book.. He works as a bartender at his independently owned pub Baza in Cracow and strives to promote independent culture. Before then, he organised concerts, sold albums, worked for a number of record labels, and wrote articles about music for magazines ranging from „Antena Krzyku” to „Przekrój.” A Silesian living in Cracow, he sent a long time abroad. His prose provides a wonderful, often first-hand account of the struggles and growth of Polish punk rock and hardcore in the 1980s

It’s a very personal account of an extraordinary era that proved that the impossible was possible with the right amount of determination, opposition, and passion. In the book, he also compares the alternative cultures of Poland and  Britain of the time, thus providing fresh meanings and interpretations.. It’s also worth noting that seven out of 15 chapters begin with quotes taken from songs by bands associated with the D.C. label Dischord Records, which will be featured at this year’s edition of East of Culture – Different Sounds.

Host: Jędrzej Słodkowski – the deputy head of the Culture department at Gazeta Wyborcza, where he’s worked since 2006. Additionally, he is responsible for two polls: Sanki (for the most intriguing up-and-coming Polish musicians) and  Wyborcza’s Album of the Year