About Festival

East Of Culture – Different Sounds Art’n’Music Festival 
East of Culture – Different Sounds is a festival that offers an opportunity to experience music transcending different genres, traditions, and cultural influences. As one of Poland’s most inspiring and explorative music events, it offers us the opportunity to hear both world-class artists and mind-blowing rising stars in the centre of Lublin. This festival presents artists who continue to be inspired and challenged by music. Artists and the public will enjoy a unique journey through East of Culture – Different Sounds, with stages that blend a variety of people, genres, and styles.

The festival’s organisers continue to be inspired by the concept of “east of culture”, or the rise of eastern culture, expressed in the festival’s name and its mission to attract the most captivating artists from countries like Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia and Armenia to Lublin to make it easier for them to enter western markets.
There’s more to Different Sounds than just music. The festival’s rich and varied programme covers a wide range of topics. There’s something for everyone, including fans of sophisticated cinema, literature, and contemporary art. Young people can participate in “Little Different Sounds”, a series of exciting educational workshops designed just for them.
The festival is one of the iterations of the East of Culture project, which has been created thanks to the efforts and support of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the National Centre for Culture, and creative groups and local
governments in eastern Poland.
The festival is part of the Keychange network and guarantees a 50:50 gender balance in the festival’s programme.