Agata Karczewska | POL


Agata Karczewska, a singer-songwriter from Warsaw, is known for her music that blends American folk and country genres. Her style, often described as musical minimalism, is characterized by her unique vocals and the warm sound of the acoustic guitar. As a self-taught musician, she draws inspiration from songwriting traditions and learns the art of composition from her idols, including Elliott Smith and Bob Dylan. Each of her songs tells a separate story, often inspired by memories, pop culture references, or stories she has heard.
On March 29, 2019, Agata released her debut album titled „I’m Not Good at Having Fun.” Collaborating with Marcin Bors, a renowned producer who has worked with artists like Krzysztof Zalewski, Pogodno, Nosowska, and Hey, Karczewska’s minimalist and raw compositions take on a distinct American South sound. Her powerful vocals, combined with her nonchalant singing style and honest, emotional lyrics, create a unique blend in the Polish music scene.

In 2020, Agata was nominated for the Fryderyk Award in the Album of the Year – Blues category. She also received the Mateusz award, a special distinction for young artists presented by Radio Trójka. Agata participated in the „Estrada w sieci: DUETY” project organised by Estrada Poznańska, where she collaborated with John Porter on the song „No Way to Say Goodbye.” Their collaboration continued with the release of the album „On The Wrong Planet” in June of this year.

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