Another band in this year’s line-up is the duo AK/DK from Brighton. The band’s ideas how to perform and compose their music perfectly fit into the notion of different sounds. The British duo offer a surprisingly bold combination of two percussion sets, and additionally incorporate the sounds of synthesisers, evoking the first bands from the synth / electro scene. Their concerts are smashing gigs which take the audience on a journey across many genres and styles. Sometimes, things are danceable as the artists wink at the golden era of disco culture. Other times, their performances become darker and the band go into trance-like, loud and energetic sounds. Motorik, rhythm-based tunes send us towards ethnic African music. AK/DK make similar trips towards punk, noise or techno. At their concert in Lublin we will be able to delve into this fusion and get swept into danceable trance.

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AK/DK live video Maxwell’s Waves
Morphology (music video)