Aksak – Eberhard Kranemann/Holger Mertin/Joseph Suchy


Aksak is based on artistic cooperation of excellent individuals representing different generations.  Eberhard Kranemann  represents the older generations and is  another big star of the German avant-garde of the last 50 years.  This multi-instrumentalist (cello, bass,  lap steel guitar, electronics) and excellent visual artist is mostly known for his work with artists such as Kraftwerk, with whom he performed in the years 1967-71,  and the equally famous NEU!  He’s also had his own, original project Fritz Muller Rock  for which he assumed the pseudonym Fritz Muller. Moreover, the artist has  had a number of exhibitions, installations and activity around the world and has cooperated with such household names as David Bowie, Brian Eno, Kronos Quarter, Philip Glass, Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson, John Zorn, Nurse with wound or Faust.   The youngest musician is Holger Mertin –  a master of percussion instruments, noise makersand all sorts of drums.  He also frequently plays the gong, cymbalom and various modulators creating fascinating sound structures. The third member of the band is the excellent guitarist Jozef Suchy. Their concerts are a thoroughly hypnotic experience.

7 July 2016, 20:00 | The Tent Stage, Błonia