Glitterbeat Records – Ammar 808

(c) Diego Andrés Moscoso

(c) Diego Andrés Moscoso

The pseudonym of Sofyann Ben Youssef, a Tunisian-born artist, producer and DJ. He was the driving force behind this unique project and the entire concept of Maghreb United. The album under this title is the band’s newest piece, released by none other but Glitterbeat Records and it gathers musicians from Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco, in other words a region historically and culturally referred to as Maghreb. Their music results from the style represented by Ammar 808, namely heavy electronic sounds combined with a big dose of powerful bass and fast, dynamic beat as well as vocal and instrumental traditions of North Africa. Contemporary music in combination with folk songs and instruments give a very interesting effect and familiarize the listeners with the art and traditions of this extraordinary region in an innovative way.