Anniversary client – Armenian cinema

2012, runtime: 78’, dir. Ara Yernjakyan

It is a story of a woman who wakes up after a night spent with a man she knows nothing about. While still under the impression of the passionate flirt, she acts kindly towards the man and starts treating him as a beloved person. An uncontrolled influx of emotions, an insult awaken her self-defence instinct and push her towards a game which turns into a stream of emotions and passions. Sudden bursts of love and disappointment, resentment and joy, a coincidence that can change their fates: a simple flirt with an unusual finale.

Ara Yernjakyan – a director born in 1951 in Yerevan in Armenia. In 1974 he graduated from the Faculty of Technical Cybernetics at the University of Technology, and in 1983 from the Faculty of Directing at the National Institute of Art and Theatre in Yerevan. In 1982 he founded the Yerevan State Chamber Theatre. Yernjakyan has written more than 30 plays and 5 screenplays.

When: 10 July 2015