Antena Krzyku at East of Culture – Different Sounds 2020

Dutch stars of alternative music – The EX and De Kift, the American band The Messthetics comprising members of the legendary Fugazi and the Polish band – Javva, 1984, Pochwalone and [peru] will perform in Lublin at East of Culture – Different Sounds festival between 25-28 June. The artists are associated with the iconic Polish label Antena Krzyku to be featured at this year’s edition of the festival.

This year marks the 13th time that on the last weekend of June Lublin will transform into a real capital of music and a meeting point of various genres, styles and harmonies. International stars of alternative music share the stage with young talents from beyond the eastern border, while masters and pioneers of genres essential for the development of music meet pioneers of new niches and seekers of original sounds. All this influences the event’s unique identity and its one-of-a-kind atmosphere. It is the 7th time that the festival is organised as part of East of Culture – a project carried out by the National Centre for Culture and co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, a project that also includes festivals in Rzeszów (The European Stadium of Culture) and Białystok (Another Dimension). East of Culture is a project aimed at exchanging experiences, holding artistic dialogue and integrating creative groups from Poland and the Eastern Partnership countries.

This year, we are opening the announcements of the acts to perform at Different Sounds with the record label Antena Krzyku, founded in 1984 by Arek Marczyński. The label focuses on broadly understood independent music. Over the course of the last 35 years, Antena has become an iconic label, gaining reputation and recognition in Poland and in many countries around the world. This internationality is one of the key elements in the label’s activity and aside from releasing albums by many important artists of Polish alternative scenes, Antena’s roster is full of household names from European and north American scene. Antena Krzyku’s leading genres are punk, post-punk, avant-garde, post-rock, electronic music, noise and sometimes also jazz. In their long and rich history, the label has also published their own paper, organised concert tours and regularly started cultural and music phenomena. As part of the presentation of this unique label, we will hold a meeting with its creators and associated artists and an exhibition of posters and record covers. A broad range of artists signed with Antena Krzyku will also perform for us.

The EX – the Netherlands-based icon of European counterculture and one of the leading punk collectives in the history of alternative music. The band, in continuous operation for over 40 years, have released over 20 original albums marked by characteristic, unmistakable sound on the threshold of guitar noise, trance, new wave and uninhibited improvisation. One should add to this several spectacular collaborations, like Brass Unbound (including with Ken Vandermark and Mats Gustafsson in the line-up), the group Chumbawamba, albums featuring Tom Cora or, finally, the legendary collaboration with artists from Ethiopia, and foremost, Getatchew Mekurya. Aside from concert activities, The EX are also famous for their own publishing activity and many artistic fusions, including one with the Polish label Antena Krzyku.

The Messthetics – American instrumental trio operating on the threshold of punk rock, jazz and improvised music associated with the famous label Dischord Records led by Ian MacKaye. In Poland, the band is represented and distributed by Antena Krzyku. The band was brought to life by the musicians of the legendary group Fugazi – the bassist Joe Lally and the percussionist Brendan Canty together with the guitarist Anthony Pirog (known among others for the cooperation with John Zorn and his Tzadik Records). Their style is often defined as “jazz punk jam” and this reflects the band’s overall character. On the one hand, The Messthetics perfectly fit into the long, rich tradition of Washington’s indie scene based on such genres as punk, hardcore or noise. On the other hand, they skilfully combine this energy with interesting, complex, and multi-layered arrangements, creating a very interesting mix of genres. The music of the Americans gains extra intensity in concerts, as we will find out this year in Lublin.

De Kift – a band from the Netherlands associated with Antena Krzyku and The EX label. It’s an ensemble comprising some ten-odd members and such instruments as drums, brass instruments and guitars. They give unforgettable shows on the stage. Their style veers between brass sounds, punk and rock’n’roll garage sounds and performative and theatre activities, which altogether results in an original and unique fusion. This year will see the release of the 12th album in the history of this distinguished band and as the artists say, it will combine all that has been De Kift’s trademark. In their work, we will find inspirations drawn from the Finnish cinema master Aki Kaurismaki, pieces referring to the work of Jacques Brel or Louis Armstrong, and a solid dose of controlled stage power.

Javva – a band comprising acclaimed musicians of Polish jazz and alternative scene who come from such bands as Contemporary Noise Sextet, Alameda, Duży Jack, Hokei, Something Like Elvis, Opla or Xenony. In Javva, the artists have taken on dance music in their own original way without cutting off their avant-garde roots. The effect is excellent and combines African and oriental rhythms with avant-rock, psychedelic music, or noise. Their debut album Balance of Day became one of last year’s music highlights in Poland.

1984 – Rzeszów-derived legends of new wave, deservedly icons in their genre. The group is fronted by one of its founders, the guitarist and lyric writer – Piotr “Mizerny” Liszcz. The band after years of turbulence and line-up changes, have never been in better shape than now. Their concerts are energetic, gripping sets that bring to mind an association with such performers as Swans or No Means No from their heyday. Even though some time has already passed since the band’s famous debut in Jarocin in 1985, the band continues to walk their own path and in just a while we will see the release of their next album, released by none other but Antena Krzyku.

Pochwalone – a female folk-punk band with a unique sound and feminist element in their lyrics. The shortest way to define them is fem-power-jazzy-punk discussing women and their issues. Pochwalone’s current line-up is: the bassist Małgorzata “Tekla” Tekiel (known from such bands as Będzie Dobrze or Pudelsi), the percussionist Dominika Korzeniecka and the vocalist Dominika “Nika” Domczyk, the former or current front woman of such bands as R.U.T.A, Morus or Post Regiment. The artists draw inspiration both from traditional folk texts and contemporary poetry. As they say, “We reach for poems by contemporary poets and combine them with the lyrics of little known old songs performed by village women. We deconstruct popular traditional lyrics to put them together again and give them new meanings. Rebellious lyrics and emotions pulsate under the hoarse layer of music: a combination of bass and percussion section and vocals.”

[peru] – a trio from Lublin whose music is based on strong guitar sounds, bass and drums, as well as vocals and involved lyrics. They skilfully and cleverly combine such genres as punk, post-punk and noise, and keep working in the spirit of DIY. They say: “There are three people three instruments, one noise; no ethos, pathos, stress or sick ambitions”.

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