Anushka Chkheidze


Anushka Chkheidze is the rising star of Georgian electronic music. She grew up in Kharagauli where she attended a music school, sang folk songs in the youth ensemble and, at the age of 11, started performing at a small chapel in the village. We can hear major influences from those years in her work, although she also experiments with ambient and classical music. Her work covers cinema and theatre music. Her debut album, “Halfie” released in 2020 received the “Tsinandali Prize” and was nominated by IMPALA for “the European Independent album of the year 2020” award. Soon after, she returned with her second, pandemic, album, “Move 20-21”, which she describes as “a mind journey through space and time without physical activity”.

9.07.2022 | 18.00 | Festival Tent