Asian Dub Foundation

Asian Dub Foundation  – one of the legends of world music, reggae and bhangra. Hailing from the United Kingdom, the band was founded in 1993, first as a three-man sound system. Going from strength to strength, they transformed into a full-sized live act. Drawing on their Indian and Pakistani roots, they have been paving new avenues in quality music for over two decades. Boasting a dozen albums, including the critically acclaimed „The Signal and the Noise” (2013), the band collaborated with the finest names in music business, among others Sinead O’Connor and Adrian Sherwood (OnU Sound).

Characteristically, the band is socially conscious, which is reflected in the lyrics that frequently treat of violence, racism, poverty, living conditions in the so-called Third World countries, globalisation and consumerism.

On stage, the members of Asian Dub Foundation deliver a powerful blow of positive energy. The very first note brings fat bass-laden rhythm, skanking beats and hard-hitting lyrics. An experience not to be forgotten easily.

Watch videos:
1. Hovering
2. Radio Bubblegum
3. Signal And The Noise

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