Atomic Simao


The Kiev-based band is one of the greatest hopes of the Ukrainian off scene today. The artists combine jazz themes with improvisation, a rock flair, the dynamism of funk music and electronic sounds in an interesting and thoughtful way. They employ various musical genres, such as acid jazz, space rock and psychedelic. Their compositions and technique immediately evoke positive associations with the works of the Cinematic Orchestra and the Tortoise, and if we were to compare them to Polish artists, they would be stylistically close to the Contemporary Noise Sextet. Atomic Simao has an enormous potential to become an important point on the musical map of Europe, and this year’s edition of the East of Culture – Different Sounds Festival might help them realize it. The band won a large group of fans in Ukraine in a very short time and now it is time for the rest of Europe. The group consists of: Jora Valchuk – drums, Dima Dudko – saxophone, Nikita Gavrilenko – bass, Jenya Sophiychuk – guitar, Andrey Volkoff – keyboards, pads, samples, Andrey „Bart” Dvoryashin – percussion, Korg Kaoss – pad, samples and vocals.

8 July 2015, 23:45 | Festival club, Błonia