Bedless Bones | EST


Bedless Bones is the project of Kadri Sammel, an alternative electronic and visual artist from Tallinn. Kadri has a background in cultural theory, audiovisual media, and photography, and for a decade, she sang in choirs. Her personal musical style evolved into the solo project Bedless Bones, where she experiments with various noir genres, building bridges and pushing the boundaries between dark wave, dark EBM, techno, industrial sounds, and an abstract atmosphere reminiscent of IDM. In addition to Bedless Bones, Kadri is a member of the Estonian avant-garde deathbeat/outdustrial band Forgotten Sunrise and the vocalist of the British-Estonian dystopian industrial group Deathsomnia. For the past few years, she has also been a key part of Beats From The Vault, a series of underground dark music events in Estonia that has been active since 1998. Bedless Bones is part of the Keychange 2023 programme.

6 July 2023, 23.30-0.45 | Festival Tent