Big Lao Che Band

Big Lao Che Band – a special project conceived, commissioned and produced for the Different Sounds Festival.

Polish sensation Lao Che is complemented on-stage by a unique brass section and outstanding guests, among others Yegor Zabelov (accordion) and Sveta „Byenka” Byen from Minsk.

To write that Lao Che is a unique and original band is to write too little. Founded in 1999 in Płock, since then Lao Che has been steadily surprising their fans and failing to disappoint them as well. Each of their records is an artistic event, starting from old-time Slavic “Gusła”, to chillingly brilliant “Warsaw Uprising”, to catchy “Gospel”, to the electronica of „Prąd stały/prąd zmienny”. Produced in London by Moloko’s associate Eddie Stevens, their latest offering also lives up to expectations, proving once again that the band is always on the lookout for new challenges and contexts.

This special project will perform live during the Different Sounds Festival in Lublin. Lao Che has set a benchmark for the entire Polish music scene. Complemented by the brass section and Byelorussian originals, the band are likely to astonish once more and treat us all to a performance of unheard quality. You can safely assume that this will be one of the highlights of the Festival.

Watch videos:
2. Życie jest jak tramwaj
3. Zombi
4. Hydropiekłowstąpienie
5. Stare Miasto