Change in the line-up: Dalekie instead of MaDMApper

Due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, MaDMApper cannot perform at our festival. Instead, we will meet Dalekie, a versatile artist engaged in many engaging projects.

Dalekie emerged in mid-2017, when he released his debut EP „Futurama”, a short but surprising mix of electronic styles, subtly referring to the IDM achievements of Amon Tobin, Clark, or Flying Lotus.

During the following year, the project made its way to public awareness thanks to good reviews in the local media and concerts in the most important clubs in the Tri-City. These shows are, by definition, an intense experience, both musically and visually. In a short time, Dalekie gained a chance to support such producers as Nosaj Thing or Clark.

His latest release, ‚Fragments of Fiction’, starts where ‚Futurama’ left off. The seven tracks are a short, fast and intense journey through things uncomfortable and menacing, but at the same time alluring. The rough sound of the whole album consists mainly of powerful distorted basses, sweeping reverberations, and furiously increasing tempo. As a result, the new release is more homogeneous yet multidimensional. It demonstrates another step in shaping his musical language, and previous associations are no longer so prominent.

Recently, Marcin Szulc (his real name) has produced, among others, the well-received debut of wh0wh0 (Jacek Prociński). He has also been involved in studio work with artists such as Gaijin Blues or Klawo. He also cooperated with Resina on the soundtrack to „Vampire: The Masquerade – Shadows of New York”. Together with Tomek Hoax, he leads the independent Tri-city-based label Coastline Northern Cuts.

When: 25.06.2021, 23.30
Where: Festival Tent in Błonia