Cinema: Lovitt Transmissions. Volume One and a set of short films by the makers of „Punk the Capital”

10.07 | 12.00–14.30 | “Lovitt Transmissions. Volume One”, dir. Brian Lowit, USA, 2003, 90’
and a series of short films by the makers of „Punk the Capital”

A top-notch documentary series produced by Brian Lowit, the current manager of Dischord Records and a special guest at this year’s Different Sounds, chronicles selected activities of his label Lovitt Records from 1994 to 2004. The documentary features authentic visual material (archival photographs, posters, and other artefacts from the history of this music scene) as well as audio (interviews and snippets from performances and famous tours of artists signed to the label).

D.C. punk short films (from the archives of Punk the Capital)

When the makers of the documentary Punk the Capital began their project they quickly decided to cast a wide net and to document the Washington D.C. punk scene much more than for the movie itself. These short films are selected edited pieces cut together from the vast archives the documentary makers have on hand. It is material that is not in the documentary Punk the capital. This selection includes portraits of The Slickee Boys, the Unheard Music Festival, D.C. Fanzines, Scream (and their garage roots), and the infamous band Void.