Contemporary Noise Ensemble | POL


Contemporary Noise Ensemble - a band formed in Szubin and fronted by brothers Kuba and Bartek Kapsa, now considered one of the key bands for an entire generation of contemporary jazz in Poland. The brothers, having had rich experience and many successes with their guitar project Something Like Elvis, decided to change their style and language of musical expression. After their alternative punk phase (joint tours with Fugazi or Nomeansno), the time has come for improvisation and illustrative cinema and theatre music. Over the years, Ensemble transformed into a quartet, quintet or even sextet, but always serving fresh ideas and high quality performances. Albums, such as “Pig Inside the Gentleman” or “Theatre Play Music” have become classics. The band is returning to Lublin after many years, and will present material from their latest album „An Excellent Spiritual Serviceman”. Their concert is a must-attend event, not only for jazz fans.

9 July, 20.30-21.45 | Festival Tent