Dezerter and AK/DK are joining the line-up of East of Culture – Different Sounds 2019

Dezerter photo credit: Maciej Olinkiewicz

The legends of Polish punk rock, for years among the most important bands on the Polish punk rock scene and the British percussion duo fusing trance, motorik drum sounds with the dance-like, synthesizer-generated electronics are the next artists confirmed to appear in Lublin in June. Dezerter and AK/DK are joining the line-up of East of Culture – Different Sounds which takes place between 27-30 June 2019.

The 1980s were a turning point in the history of the Polish underground, the time when bands important for the movement were formed. Outside ruled the monotonous, grey and hopeless communist reality and all you could see at festivals and in mass media were stage stars or, at best, selected bands dubbed “The Music of the Young Generation”. The underground scene featuring punk, new wave and reggae, among other things, operated in parallel to the official systems. That was the time when bands such as Brygada Kryzys, TZN Xenna, Deuter or Izrael gained cult status. One of the most absolutely fundamental bands was Dezerter, who performed in Jarocin in 1982 still under the name SS-20, only to change it a moment later and become a band vital for the entire generation. Their 1980s albums “Kolaboracja” and “Kolaboracja II” and their earlier legendary “Underground out of Poland” were released in the USA thanks to, among others, the musicians from D.O.A. They transfixed listeners both thanks to aggressive, hard sounds and strong, involved lyrics, often directly talking about Poland’s problems of the time. Songs, such as “Spytaj milicjanta”, “Polska złota młodzież” or “Ku przyszłości” also became instant favourites, important songs of an entire punk generation. The 1990s brought the next fantastic albums, among others “Blasfemia” or “Ile procent duszy?” and Dezerter established their position of a cult band also in the new, democratic reality. In 2019, the band released 3 new songs on an EP entitled “Nienawiść 100%” which caused a lot of excitement. The concert at Different Sounds will be an intriguing journey across the band’s rich discography.

Another band in this year’s line-up is the duo AK/DK from Brighton. The band’s idea how to perform and compose their music perfectly fit into the notion of different sounds. The English duo offer a surprisingly bold combination of two percussion sets, and additionally incorporate the sounds of synthesizers, evoking the first bands from the synth / electro scene. Their concerts are smashing gigs which take the audience on a journey across many genres and styles. Sometimes, things are danceable as the artists wink at the golden era of disco culture. Other times, their performances become darker and the band go into trance-like, loud and energetic sounds. Motorik, rhythm-based tunes send us towards ethnic African music. AK/DK make similar trips towards punk, noise or techno. At their concert in Lublin we will be able to delve into this fusion and get swept into danceable trance.

Dezerter will perform on Saturday 29 June 2019, whereas AK/DK a day later on Sunday, 30 June 2019. Both concerts will take place in Błonia – green fields near the Lublin castle. Just like for all events at East of Culture – Different Sounds the admission is free.

This year’s edition of East of Culture – Different Sounds will take place between 27-30 June 2019. Once again, music will become an inspiration and a point of departure for a free exchange of ideas, discussions on the dynamically changing world and a search for what is shared in it, perceptually sensed at the level of natural human sensitivity. Different Sounds is a meeting of different genres, styles and harmonies that come together in the universal need for self-expression. It is here at Different Sounds that world-class stars of alternative music share the stage with rising stars from the east, and the masters and pioneers of genres vital to the development of music meet pioneers of new niches and seekers of original sounds. All this shapes the unique character of the event and its one-of-a-kind atmosphere.

More announcements of the many artists to perform in Lublin at the end of June are coming soon.

East of Culture is a project carried out by the National Centre of Culture with the financial support from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, in cooperation with the local governments of Rzeszów, Lublin and Białystok. The aim of the project is to integrate creative groups from Poland and the Eastern Partnership countries.

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