Photo credit: Maciej Olinkiewicz
Concert photo credit: Małgorzata Wasilewska

The 1980s were a turning point in the history of the Polish underground, the time when bands important for the movement were formed. Outside ruled the monotonous, grey and hopeless communist reality and all you could see at festivals and in mass media were stage stars or, at best, selected bands dubbed “The Music of the Young Generation”. The underground scene featuring punk, new wave and reggae, among other things, operated in parallel to the official systems. That was the time when bands such as Brygada Kryzys, TZN Xenna, Deuter or Izrael gained cult status. One of the most absolutely fundamental bands was Dezerter, who performed in Jarocin in 1982 still under the name SS-20, only to change it a moment later and become a band vital for the entire generation. Their 1980s albums “Kolaboracja” and “Kolaboracja II” and their earlier legendary “Underground out of Poland” were released in the USA thanks to, among others, the musicians from D.O.A. They transfixed listeners both thanks to aggressive, hard sounds and strong, involved lyrics, often directly talking about Poland’s problems of the time. Songs, such as “Spytaj milicjanta”, “Polska złota młodzież” or “Ku przyszłości” also became instant favourites, important songs of an entire punk generation. The 1990s brought the next fantastic albums, among others “Blasfemia” or “Ile procent duszy?” and Dezerter established their position of a cult band also in the new, democratic reality. In 2019, the band released 3 new songs on an EP entitled “Nienawiść 100%” which caused a lot of excitement. The concert at Different Sounds will be an intriguing journey across the band’s rich discography.


Ostatnia chwila

Nienawiść 100%

Pierwszy Raz