DG 307


One of the most respected legends of the Czech underground scene. Founded in Prague by poet Pavel Zajick and bassist Milan Hlavsa (also associated with the Plastic People of the Universe). In the frenzy and claustrophobic confinement of the 1970s, DG 307 became a symbol of free thought, unbridled creativity, and dissident expression. The band’s growing popularity led to repression on the part of the authorities. Pavel Zajicek, leader of DG 307, spent a considerable amount of time in prison; in the 1980s he was even forced to abandon Czechoslovakia (he left for Sweden and then moved to New York). The geo-political changes that took place as a result of “The Velvet Revolution” (1989) enabled him to return to Prague. At present, the reactivated line-up of DG 307 tours, keeping the counter-cultural fire ablaze as well as it did back in the day – in its underground heyday.

8 July 2015, 22:00 | Festival Club, the Błonia Stage