Different Sounds Zone Presents: Kristen

ibKristen was established in Szczecin in 19997 by Michał Biela and Mateusz and Łukasz Rychlik. There is no other band in Poland that would be active for as long as they have and keep recording albums of such consistently high quality. Each new album is a treat for the fans of Polish alternative music. The penultimate album – The Secret Map was very well received by the critics and the vocalist and guitarist Michał Biela was nominated for “Paszporty Polityki” Award. Kristen’s music cannot be easily classified as any one genre, it keeps showing different faces ranging from math-rock to elaborate trance. Their newest album, “LAS”, released by the leading Polish record label Instant Classic received a whole bunch of awards and was one of the best albums of 2016. The band is known for excellent gigs and they have performed several hundred of them in Poland and abroad.

“LAS” was recorded in an extended, four-member line-up, with Maciek Bączyk. The artist had contributed to their previous album, “The Secret Map”, but with this album, he became a permanent band member. The band cuts the means of expression but at the same time offers sounds that are meaty and suggestive; their compositions are often based on repetitions. This album features Michał Biela singing in Polish the outstanding, hypnotising eponymous song. But Kristen’s music is far from songs- the band often goes for experimental forms. This can be heard at their gigs- the performers love them: they play powerful, catchy sounds that pull the listeners into the world of their music.

Kristen is Mateusz Rychlicki – drums, electronics / Łukasz Rychlicki – guitar / Michał Biela – bass, vocals / Maciej Bączyk – synths.

When: 27 May (Saturday), 20:00
Where: Próba Café Patio, Grodzka 5a

The event is free!