Different Sounds Zone presents: Opla

When: 29.11.2019 – Friday, 19.00

Where: Próba Cafe, Grodzka 5a

Tickets: 15 pln – pre-sale, 20 pln – on the day of the concert

Tickets may be purchased via our online store.

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Opla is a project formed by two absolutely extraordinary artists – the guitarist Piotr Bukowski (Xenony, Duży Jack, Javva) and the percussionist Hubert Zemler (LAM, Zebry a Mit, Istina). Last summer, Ersatz Recordings label published their album Obertasy, which is an attempt to take on Polish traditional music. We will hear firsthand what has come out of translating Polish traditional dance music (the oberek) into the language of traditional rock instrument set (guitar and percussion) live at Different Sounds Zone on 29 November in Próba Café.

“It seems that Polish traditional music is currently experiencing a revival” says Zemler. “There are folk-oriented music festivals where the quality of performances is very high, many publications detail old and contemporary trends in folk culture and our old masters are finally getting wider appreciation”, he adds.

Bukowski and Zemler admit that they were late to discover the value of Polish traditional music. They decided to experiment: they imagined an alternative version of history in which sampler and computer haven’t reached Poland, and city musicians keep cultivating the old tradition of the oberek. Of course, what they offer is deliberately just a taste of the old virtuosity and a nod towards the masters of the genre, but this is what it could look like in a parallel universe where expression and emotions are more important than a pure style.

“ It’s basically a return to our roots –those alluding to the distorted sounds of the guitar and percussion, their raw energy”, says Bukowski. “ We do not want to reconstruct traditional music, we want to find a different way. Opla is rather an attempt to rediscover our shared identity, a combination of our musical roots with the oldest hoarse and trance obereks from Polish villages” – he adds.

Piotr Bukowski – musician, composer, recording engineer, guitarist. He’s a member of the music collectives Lado ABC (Warsaw) and Milieu L’Acephale (Bydgoszcz). In the years 2001-2007, he took part in initiative that gathered improvisers from all corners of the world. He was a member of the post-rock band Stwory and since 2010, he’s been focused on his bands Hokei and Xenony. Together with Kamil Gubała, Kuba Ziołek and the writer Andrzej Stasiuk , he also works on the experimental film project “Tutaj”. A guitarist in Duży Jack. Since 2018, together with Bartek Kapsa, Łukasz Jędrzejczak and Mikołaj Zieliński he’s been running the afro post-punk band Javva.

Hubert Zemler – Warsaw-based drummer, composer and improviser. He enjoys music projects on the threshold of contemporary music and improvisation and all other types of drumming activity. Aside from his solo projects, he is also active as an accompanying drummer. Zemler has worked, among others, with Felix Kubin, Todd Barton, Jon Gibson, Evan Ziporyn, Gyan Riley, John Tilbury, Agusti Fernandez, Wacław Zimpel (LAM), Raphael Rogiński, Kamil Szuszkiewicz (Zebry a Mit, Istina) and Mitch & Mitch.


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