Different Sounds Zone Presents: Zgniłość

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ZZgniłość foto Alka Muratgniłość  is a new band founded by the Cracow-based poet Marcin Świetlicki and the pianist Michał Wandzilak (Swietliki). They have invited young jazz musicians from Tricity: the saxophonist Michał  Ciesielski and the trumpeter Dawid Lipka (Tymon Tymański’s brass section), the double bassist Maciej Sadowski and the percussionist Tomasz Kopra. Zgniłość has emerged from the band Jazztiki that performs jazz covers of Świetliki’s hits.

When: 13.12.2017 (Wednesday), 20:00

Where:  Workshos of Culture, Grodzka 5a, auditorium, 2nd floor

Free admission

The current music trajectory of Zgniłość can be defined as: post-post-ironic post-cold-wave post-yass. The band audaciously refers to the best Pomeranian and Cracow music traditions. May 2017  brought the releases of a double full-length audiobook entitled “Dobra Zmiana” authored by Marcin Świetlicki (Wydawnictwo 5a). The music is provided by Zgniłość. “Dobra Zmiana” is the first ever audiobook to feature the recording of a band improvising live and interacting with the audience.

Currently, Zgniłość is on a tour promoting the band’s second album, “Siedmiościan”. The release includes original compositions and a number of surprising reinterpretations (such as “Mmmorderstwo” or “Przysiadalność”). The recording features guest appeareances by the legendary trumpeter Antoni Ziut Gralak, a famous acress and German philologist Julia Kamińska and other household names. The album is promoted via singles: “Hotel Savoy’ and “To ten sam wiatr” . The album has received the Top Note of the magazine JazzPRESS (November 2017).

Join us for this absolutely unpredictable concert!

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