Different Sounds Zone | Zdrój

ZDRÓJ is a Polish/Dutch duo that’s all about improvisation! They’ve got Jakub Zasada on guitar and Sebastian Jaansen on percussion, and they’re from Wrocław.   The band is an integral part of the ever-evolving collective of musicians  at the Culture Reanimation Studio (CRK) in Wrocław. This vibrant community includes notable names like Kurws, Ukryte Zalety Systemu, Przepych, Atol Atol Atol, and Barłóg.

Last summer was a big moment for ZDRÓJ as they released their debut album through Fonoradar Records (LP) and Syf Records (MC). Their style can be described as instrumental free punk mixed with kautrock and noise. They’re here to show us that free improvisation, which they perform with a free-spirited, mischievous disposition, is more than a specific genre – it’s a whole concept!


When: 1 September, 2023, 19.00
Where: Pub Bałagan, Grodzka 5a
Admission free