An instrumental trio consisting of musicians from such bands as Kristen, Kobieta z Wydm or Enemigos del Silencio. They describe their music as “dubwave”, and both components of the name are perfect fits. The group’s way of presenting their material is also very unique – their songs do not have standard titles, their album covers look almost the same, except for the colours. On the stage, they include nothing except for three white spotlights. What matters for them is music and a deeper connection with it, surrendering to its trance rhythm and the emotions it evokes in the listeners.

Instant Classic –East of Culture – Different Sounds always strives to feature unique record labels working with extraordinary artists. This year, we have chosen Instant Classic, a label familiar to all music fans looking for original sounds. The label was set up in 2001 by two enthusiasts of ambitious music and vinyl records and gained fans in record time. Their roster includes bands significant for the Polish alternative music scene, including Alameda 5, Innercity Ensemble, The Stubs, ARRM, BNNT, Lotto, THAW or Dynasonic.
The label’s feature at the festival will include panels, visual presentations and concerts of associated artists.