Eastern Express – „I go, where I go” – a meeting


” I go, where I go” – a meeting focused on Kazik Staszewski’s biography.

Participants:  Kazik Staszewski (musician, the protagonist and co-author of the book), Rafał Księżyk (music journalist, the author of the book)

Published in 2015 by Kosmos Kosmos, this book dedicated to Kazik Staszewski is a unique title for several reasons. First of all, it is another instance (after Stańka, Brylewski and Tymański) when the music expert and connoisseur Rafał Księżyk presents a legend of the Polish independent scene. Secondly, Kazik himself has  given the book a very thorough treatment, discussing things that have never been printed before.  Finally, this rich story of the leader of Kult, KNŻ and many others ideally writes itself into a broader landscape of the 40 last years of our culture.  We are getting a story about the period of rebellion and underground in the 80s,  the turning point and fall of communism in 1989, turbulent transformations in the  90s and finally about Kazik’s recent projects. The artist who has been considered the best  lyricist of his generation and an alert commentator of our reality and the author Rafał Księżyk will also answer audience questions.

8 July 2016, 16:00 | Festival Club, Błonia