Eastern Express – Leaving – movie screening


„Leaving” – written and directed by Václav Havel, 2011, Czech Republic, 94 minutes.

The movie tells the story of Vilém Rieger who has been a chancellor for many years. Now he is stepping down from his position but cannot deal with the decision. He tries to hide the fact that his world is falling apart. He has to move out of a state villa which has become his home and has to separate hiss private matters from the public ones. However, observing the collapse of his surroundings is the worst thing he has to face. Rieger realises how little he had known about the people he spent the last years with.

Rieger is portrayed by Josef Abrhám, an actor well known in Poland for his role in the TV series „Szpital na peryferiach”, while the director’s wife, Dagmar Havlová, plays Irena.