Eastern Express – ”Literature and Territories of Terror” – debate


”Lierature and Territories of Terror” – debate

Participants: Sofia Andrukhowych, Oleksandr Boychenko, Andryi Bondar, Andryi Lyubka, Bohdan Zadura.

Writers and publicist from Ukraine together with Bohdan Zadura will ponder the questions concerning the position of literature in a world increasingly overwhelmed by terror and terrorism, not just of the conventional kind but also hybridal, digital, increasingly extraterritorial and ubiquitous. Such terror affects both writers and readers and changes the image and  role of literature.

Sofia Andrukhovych (b.1982)- a Ukrainian writer, translator and publicist. The author of prose books: Milena’s Summer (2000), Old People (2003),  Wives of their Husbands (2005, Polish edition published by Wydawnictwo Czarne in 2009), Salmon (2007, Polish edition published by Wydawnictwo Czarne in 2009) and Felix Austria (2014, Polish edition published by Wydawnictwo Czarne, 2007), Constellation of Hen (co-authored with Maryana Prokhasko, 2016). She translated books by Manuela Gretkowska, J.K.Rowling, Nick Davies, George Dalls, Peter Taylor, Jennifer Egan and Ayn Rend. She received the scholarship granted by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Poland „Gaude Polonia” (2013), and won, among others, the Joseph Conrad- Korzeniowski Literary Award (2015).

Oleksandr Boychenko (b. 1970) – Ukrainian literary critic and researcher, essayist, translator, feuilletonist. The author of collections of essays : Something like Chautauqua (2003), Chautauqua plus (2004),  “To book”(2011), “”My own among  strangers” (2011), “50 percent wrong” (2015). Moreover, he has translated numerous texts from Polish and Russian, including  texts by Tadeusz Borowski, Leszek Kołakowski, Marek Hłasko, Jerzy Pilch, Olga Tokarczuk, Andrzej Stasiuk, Daniel Odija.  A fellow of Gaude Polonia Scholarship  granted by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Poland (2005, 2008, 2013). In 2014, he was awarded  A Medal For Merits to Polish Culture.

Andriy Bondar (b.1974) – Ukrainian poet, prose writer, translator, journalist, publicist, feuilletonist, blogger. Author of poetry collections : „Spring Heresy” (1998), „Truth and Honey” (2001), MASKULT (co-authored wih Serhiy  Zhadan and Yurii Andrukhovych, 2003) and „Primitive forms of Ownership” (2004). He has also written a collection of essays „Carrot ice” (2012).  The poetry volume „Jogging” (2005) and feullietons ” Important and unimportant stories” (2011) have been published in Poland in translation by Bohdan Zadura. Bondar’s poems were also translated into English, German, French, Swedish, Portuguese, Romanian, Croatian, Lithuanina and Belarusian. He has translated books by, among others,  Witold Gombrowicz, Bohdan Zadura, Michał Witkowski, Mariusz Szczygieł, Wojciech Tochman, Paweł Smoleński. The winner ofthe Smoloskyp publisher award (1997), a fellow of the scholarship „Gaude Polonia” (2003) awarded by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Poland.

Andriy Lyubka (b. 1987) – Ukrainian poet, translator and essayist, social activist. Author of poetry collections : „Eight months of schizophrenia” ( 2007), “Terrorism” (2009), “40 Dollars with a Tip” (2012), collection of short stories “Killer” (2012, published in Poland in 2013), a collection of essays and feuilletons ” Sleeping with Women” (2013) and  the novel „Karbid” (2015). Lyubka’s poems have been translated into Polish, English, German, Serbian, Portuguese, Russian, Belarusian and Czech. The winner of literary awards „Debut” (2007) and „Kyiv Laura” (2011),   a fellow of „Gaude Polonia” scholarship programme granted by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Poland (2010 and 2012).

Bohdan Zadura (b. 1945) – Polish poet, prose writer, translator and literary critic. Since 1975 he has been an editor of the literary qurterly „Akcent”, and a collaborator of „Literatura na Świecie”,  the editor-in-chief of „Twórczość” (since 2004). He has won numerous literary awards, including : Stanisław Piętak award (1994), Józef Czechowicz award (2010), Silesius Award for the Book of the Year (2001), „Kyiv Laura” (2010), the Hungarian Gábor Bethlen award (2013), H. Skovoroda International Literary Prize(2014) and the Kovaliv Fund of the Ukrainia National Women’s League of America (2015) for popularising Ukrainian literature around the world. He has written over 20 collections of poetry. He is also a prose writer and a literary critic and  a translator working in English, Belarusian, Russian, Ukrainian and Hungarian.