Eastern Express – „Music out of place” – a meeting


”Music out of place” –  a meeting dedicated to the German label Staubgold and the situation of independent record labels in Europe. Participants: Markus Detmer (the founder and director of the label Staubgold),  Janusz Mucha (the founder and director of the record label Gusstaff Records).

Moderator: Rafał Księżyk (music journalist)

East of Culture- Different Sounds Festival strives to present selected record labels. Over the years we hosted such interesting labels, as the Polish Kilogram Records, or the Czech Guerilla. This year, we chose to feature the German Staubgold – founded and led by Markus Detmer since 1998.  This label has  gained cult status in some circles and is a perfect example of how to release ambitious and non-mainstream music, while at the same time to keep afloat in a difficult and demanding market.  Aside from Markus Detmers who represents the German market we will also welcome  Janusz Mucha,  the director of the Polish record label Gusstaff Records.

Staubgold and Gustaff Records share some approaches to music publishing,  so you can expect a very interesting dialogue and exchange of experiences. The meeting will be hosted by the excellent music journalist and connoisseur, Rafał Księżyk.

7 July 2016, 18:00 | Festival Club, Błonia