Eastern Express: Eastern Literary Courier


Eastern Literary Courier. Where are we now and where are we headed: upcoming book releases and an overview of new publications on Eastern European topics
Agnieszka Wojciechowska, Paulina Janczylik

Eastern Express is a cycle of meeting with meetings and debates with writers, artists and intellectuals from Eastern European countries and a publication series of Workshops of Culture, associated with East of Culture – Different Sounds festival.

One of the major obstacles in developing intercultural cooperation and overcoming stereotypes about the cultures of Eastern European countries is language barrier. Most of all, it affects the reception of literature. In this context, it is especially important to maintain a good flow of the current thought, commentary and literature translated to national languages. Such a role is fulfilled by Eastern Express established in Workshops of Culture which for the past several years has been introducing recent poetry and prose from Eastern Partnership countries to Poland.

This year at Eastern Express we want to focus on the contexts of Ukrainian and Belarusian literature. The publications of Eastern Express have expanded with 6 new books: Sonia – Kateryna Babkina, Pokój do smutku – Andrij Lubka, Wakacje nad Letą – Hałyna Kruk, Cyrk i inne wiersze – Julia Cimafiejewa, Wasi, nasi oraz inni – Oleksandr Bojczenko, Poprzednie życie – Mykoła Riabczuk.