Eastreet 3 – The art of choosing – photo editing workshop

It often happens that the hardest part of a photographer’s work is not just taking pictures but using them later. The ability to look at one’s photos as an outside observer – separating them from one’s own emotions – and to choose suitable images is a difficult feat. In many cases it is impossible to introduce an impartial narration into a photographic project – to make it an attractive story for the viewer – without the help of an editor. Appropriate edition is the prerequisite for further successes of any photographic material. The meeting will be hosted by the editors of WorkshopX and is designed for photographers actively working on photographic projects.

After a short, theoretical introduction, selected participants will present submitted photographic material which will then be edited under the supervision of the instructors, together with the entire group. The projects which are almost finished have a chance to be completed with final edition. The projects which have not been finished will undergo partial edition and their authors will receive instructions on the further direction of their realisation. The number of places is limited, registration is required.