Eastreet 3 – Thinking with photography – lecture

„Thinking with photography” is a unique form of an interactive presentation/lecture during which participants will learn to choose the right form for presenting their own photographic works. Photography has many variations depending on its purpose. Original projects usually say a lot about their authors, and sometimes, because of a lack of distance – they can say a bit too much. We share our photographs with very different audiences, through various means. It is advisable to adjust one’s message to the selected form of presentation.  How to achieve this? If you have trouble with speaking or writing about your own work, with constructing a portfolio, editing images for a particular purpose – this meeting is for you. Joanna Kinowska is an art historian specializing in photography. She is also an independent curator of photographic exhibitions and an editor of photo books. She works in a Community Centre in Służew where she is responsible for educational programs. Between 2005 and 2014 she worked in the Zachęta National Gallery of Art, in the department of education, and worked on programs related to photography. She is an author of texts on photography, she teaches at the Academy of Photography in Warsaw. The meeting is free of charge.