Easy Star All Stars


When in 1997 a group of New York artists associated with the label Easy Star Records called to a life a new collective, they were sure to become big.  However, what happened a moment later, right after the release of “Dub Side of the Moon” , a reggae-dub tribute to pink Floyd, exceeded all expectations and what emerged was an entirely new quality in reggae music. The album quickly  achieved cult status and was played and mixed in nearly all corners of the world. Embracing this idea, Easy All Stars then took on reworking Radiohead, The Beatles or Michael Jackson, surprising and enchanting the audience every single time.  Today, this colorful, energetic team is a collective comprising ten-odd members with  exchangeable musicians and vocalists, performing incredible shows. Original arrangements, incredible flow and joy of performing life   are an inseparable part of the   group’s style.   Their concerts prove that music can always bring surprises and well-known songs can be given a completely new life.

9 July 2016, 19:30 | the Błonia Stage