Faun Fables


Faun  Fables are Dawn McCarthy and Nils Frykdahl. The extraordinary duet from Oakland is one of the most original acoustic bands not only in America, but also in the world. Throughout the years, the artists have created a unique style and approach to traditional, folk music. The artistic journeys of the musicians had a tremendous impact on their music – they also visited Poland, where they met Zygmunt Koneiczny and fell in love with the works of Ewa Demarczyk. These inspirations and references can be easily heard in Faun Fables’ music, together with the Scandinavian, British and Eastern influences. Their creative work contains a prominent element of theatricality (stylistically close to the Gardzienice Theatre and the New York La Mama). Faun Fables will surely be a pleasant surprise for the fans of different sounds, and a live performance of the English versions of  songs like „Karuzela z Madonnami” or „Taki pejzaż” will be something truly memorable.