Featured Record Label: Instant Classic – panel discussion

Moderator: Rafał Księżyk

East of Culture – Different Sounds always strives to feature unique record labels working with extraordinary artists. This year, we have chosen Instant Classic, a label currently celebrating its 10th anniversary. The label was set up in 2001 by two enthusiasts of ambitious music, Maciej Stankiewicz and Arkadiusz Młyniec. It’s one of the most original and unique labels releasing alternative music. Although Classic is run out of a heartfelt need, it is directed in a conscious and authentic way, offering artists the freedom to create. At the same time, it’s a modern and independent label, very professional on the level of music, graphic design, distribution, and online presence. It is worth listening to the label’s story and getting familiar with its unique roster.

Admission for ticket holders.

The label’s feature at the festival includes panels, visual presentations and concerts of associated artists.

24.06| 17.30–18.30  | Festival Tent