Film: “Songs about Love”, dir. Tomasz Habowski, POL, 90 min

8.07 | 14.00–15.30  |  “Songs about Love”, dir. Tomasz Habowski, Poland, 90 min | Workshops of Culture, Grodzka 5a – auditorium, 2nd floor | PL

She is a girl from a block in a small town. He comes from a wealthy, well-known Warsaw family. She works as a waitress and sings about what touches her soul, while he dreams of releasing a record that would overshadow  the successes of his father, a famous actor. They meet when she works at a party he’s attending. Their shared love for music brings them together, but their differing ambitions and dreams tear them apart. The fragile affection that arises between them is constantly put to the test: she continues to run away from him, and he lies through his teeth. The film, directed by Tomasz Habowski, primarily focuses on the woman’s struggle for independence and finding her own voice. Justyna Święs, the vocalist of the Dumpligs who makes her film debut, portrays a character with immense talent but utter lack of self-confidence. But „Songs about Love” are sung as a duet: Święs goes hand in hand  the excellent Tomasz Włosok (Corpus Christi, How I became a gangster) in the role of a lost soul,   create an electrifying couple with sparks flying everywhere. The film also features  ensemble cast consisting of renowned actors, including  Andrzej Grabowski, Patrycja Volny, Krzysztof Zalewski, and Iga „Ofelia” Krefft. The music for the film, composed by Kamil „Holden” Kryszak, is fantastic and well-known for his collaborations with Marcelina and the duo Karaś/Rogucki. The fantastic music for the film was composed by Kamil „Holden” Kryszak, known for his collaborations with Marcelina and the duo Karaś/Rogucki.