Film: “Stop-Zemlia”, dir. Kateryna Gornostai, UKR, 2021, 122 min

8.07 | 16.00–18.00  “Stop-Zemlia”, dir. Kateryna Gornostai, UKR, 2021, 122 min | Workshops of Culture, Grodzka 5a – auditorium, 2nd floor | UKR / PL

“Stop-Zemlia” is a captivating film that portrays the emotional journey of three friends, Masha, Jana, and Senia, as they approach the end of high school and the beginning of adulthood. The introverted Masha, who sees herself as an outsider, struggles to navigate the intense pre-exam period. However, her journey takes an unexpected turn when she falls in love, which challenges her to step out of her comfort zone. The film, directed by Ukrainian filmmaker Kateryna Gornostai, is a deeply personal and poetic story of self-discovery, a process that requires patience. It was showcased at the 2021 Berlinale and won an award in the Generation14+ section.