Free tickets for two events can now be booked!

 Bookings are open for two events with a limited number of places: “And we are opening the gates” and  Bastarda’s live performance to the movie “Earth”.

“And we are opening the gates”  performed by the quartet: Raphael Rogiński / Helena Ganjalyan /Talya Balikcioglu / Adam Witkowski  is one of this year’s debut projects at the festival.

In this extraordinary project, the artists discuss questions of belonging, exile and identity in today’s complicated, ever-changing world. Even though Raphael Rogiński and his guests all come from different countries, they share similar experiences and during Different Sounds, they will try to capture the essence of their artistic explorations through the synthesis of music and dance.

As Rogiński says, for this staged mystery play entitled “And we are opening the gates” (inspired by a painting by Nicholas Roerich – an ingenious painter, scientist and mystic and a researcher of Eastern cultures), he has invited artists who share similar experiences of the trauma of separation. Two dancers, from Armenia and Turkey, and two musicians with Jewish, Kurdish and Uzbek roots aim at creating a psychodrama. Using sound and movement, they will ask what is the moment when we are all equal as human beings. Is this equality only possible in the face of death, as Medieval and Baroque paintings claimed? Is the only moment when we ask questions about our lineage is a crisis, like for instance when a buried mine or sunken submarine prevent us from returning to the surface? It’s difficult not to think that today it seems more appropriate to be equal rather than truly experience this sense of equality.

When: 1 July 2018, 18:30

Where: The Old Theatre, Jezuicka 18

Free tickets can be booked via our online form

“Earth” – dir. Alesandr Dovzhenko, runtime: 75’, 1930

 “Earth” is an allegorical, universal tale about man’s fate, our relationship with nature and its uncontrollable forces and about changes brought about by the development of civilization.  Next to “Arsenal”, “Earth” is considered one of the best pictures made by Dovzhenko, a masterful Russian auteur. Live music to this universal masterpiece of the final days of silent cinema will be performed by the trio Bastarda, consisting of: Paweł Szamburski, Michał Górczyński, Tomasz Pokrzywiński. Bastarda’s music perfectly complements the visuals created by Dovzhenko nearly 90 years ago.
When: 1 July 2018, 17:00
Where: Workshops of Culture, Grodzka 5a – auditorium

Free tickets can be booked via our online form.