Dischord Records: Girls Against Boys


A DC hardcore punk band made up of three members of Soulside and Eli Janney. The band is currently based in New York and they play a fusion of post-punk, noise, and indie rock. One of the group’s defining characteristics is that they employ dual bass guitars, which gives their music a distinctive sound. For years, Girls Against Boys have been a key representative of the heavy guitar scene and toured with the genre’s top artists, such as Rage Against The Machine, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Foo Fighters, Interpol, Jawbox, Fugazi, Garbage or Atari Teenage Riot. They will come to Lublin in July, promoting, among other things, the anniversary edition of the album „House of GVSB” and it will be the only opportunity to see this incredible band live in Poland.

10.07.2022 | 20.30 | Festival Tent