Glitterbeat Records – Dirtmusic

Dirtmusic fot. Jaka BabnikThis unique band consists of three extraordinary artists. The first is Chris Eckman – the co-founder of the famous label Glitterbeat Records, a musician (i.a.The Walkabouts), composer, producer, soundtrack composer and a propagator of worthwhile music from around the world. The second member is Hugo Race – the famous Australian, an extraordinary guitarist, songwriter and the front man of the bands The True Spirit and The Fatalists. For years he was a part of Nick Cave’s cult band The Bad Seeds.

It was the meeting of the two that gave birth to the project fusing guitar rock, explorations of the musical avant-garde and folk from various parts of the world. The desert sounds from Mali, where the musicians recorded one of their albums, uniquely blend with rock’n’roll and blues as well as tales about borders and walls, cold fronts and cold hearts, yielding a truly ingenious and powerful result. Dirtmusic’s third member, Murat Ertel, the front man of Baba Zula, says that “we need music like this to stay sane”.


USA/ Australia / Turkey