Founded in 1999 by Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory, Goldfrapp is one of the biggest names of the club music and electronica scene. Endowed with a stunning vocal range, Alison had worked with the likes of Tricky and Orbital before founding Goldfrapp with Will, who soon turned out to be an outstanding composer and a trusted multi-instrumentalist. Together, driven by talent and determination, they created their unique duo.

With six full-length albums under their belt, a few dozen singles, numerous awards and hundreds of concerts played all over the world, the group is a seasoned entertainer. „Felt Mountain”, their debut album was an artistic and commercial success yielding such hits as „Lovely Head” and „Utopia”. More stunning records, including „Black Cherry” and „Seventh Tree”, followed, confirming the band’s status and professionalism.

2013 saw the release of a documentary film about the group. Entitled „Tales of Us”, the film was on limited release in cinemas worldwide, including Poland. On 13 July, during the Different Sounds Festival in Lublin everyone will be given an opportunity to experience the live phenomenon known as Goldfrapp.

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