Guerilla Records

8-9 July 2015

Guerilla Records presentation– starting with the last year’s edition of  East of Culture  in Lublin, a showcase of leading indie/off record labels has become one of the staples of the Festival. In 2014 we presented the creative output and publishing initiatives of Ola and Mikołaj Trzaska – founders and coordinators of Kilogram Records. This year, we have invited representatives of Guerilla Records, one of the most dynamic Czech independent labels. Since its inception it has been run by the aficionado and enthusiast of the local alternative scene Vladimir Drapal. This critically acclaimed and well-established company boasts an impressive roster of artists, including legendary acts such as The Plastic People of the Universe, DG307, and Pólnoc. On a regular basis the label also assists up-and-coming bands and aspiring performers. Thanks to the label’s unfettered drive, systematic dedication and inspired consequence, the Czech alternative scene has been blooming for quite some time now. During “The East of Culture” – Different Sounds Festival we will present the whole spectrum of music available through Guerilla Records and we will talk to the label’s creators about the state of the alternative scene south of Poland.